How to book a Group Study Room and How to avoid defaults? 如何预约小组学习室?使用时如何避免出现违约?



If you wish to appeal the system default record, please review the following highlights first. If you are certain there is no violation, please complete the problem feedback form in the text and submit your feedback.

The library will verify the relevant issues and handle them accordingly.


小组学习室预约系统请参见:Group Study Room Booking System


Please note the following highlighted point when making a reservation to avoid defaults:

  1. 预定系统中登记的所有组员需在预约开始后十分内到场打卡签到;
    All registered team members shall check in on-site within ten minutes after the reservation starts;
  2. 若预定时段之前无其他预约,则最多可以提前15分钟打卡签到;
    If there is no other reservation before the scheduled time, you can check in at most 15 minutes in advance;
  3. 升级后面板可显示打卡信息,读者签到时请留意是否签到成功;
    The user interface of the operation panel has been upgraded. Please double-check your check-in records shown on the panel;

  4. 若签到不成功,请间隔半分钟再次尝试,若多次尝试均未能正常签到,或面板显示异常,请填写以下表单进行问题提交:图书馆小组学习室问题反馈
    Please try again in about 30 seconds if you haven’t checked in successfully. If the check-in fails after several attempts, please fill out the following form to submit the issue: Feedback Form for Group Study Room Reservation System;

  5. 若临时有事无法到场签到,必须于预约生效前提前取消预约申请,否则也将记录违约;
    Please do remember to cancel your reservation in advance in case you couldn’t make it. Otherwise, a default will also be recorded.

  6. 若为连续预约,每个预约时段都需要单独签到;
    For consecutive reservations, each reservation time slot needs to be checked in separately.

  7. 各类小组学习室的具体开放及预约政策请参见:Group Study Room Regulations
    Please refer to Group Study Room Regulations for the group study rooms' specific rules and regulations.
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